Community Work

Community Work

Community and authenticity

Building a vibrant community of practice around our topics is of great importance. These communities help win hearts and minds by adding authenticity to agile transformation and fostering the valuable exchange of knowledge and experience.

Our commitment to vibrant communities

That's why we are passionate about creating these communities and making sure they are alive to the agility and knowledge-sharing movement.

Our motto: "From the community for the community".

We are firmly grounded and focus on the benefits and effectiveness of agile methodologies and team dynamics.

Everyone is welcome here, regardless of your experience level. We look forward to curious beginners as well as experienced professionals.

Our involvement in organizations

Kanban User Group Switzerlandz

Kanban User Group Austria

Scrum User Group Bern (Scrum Alliance)

Scrum User Group Zurich (Scrum Alliance)

Kanban Community Days

Concrete offers on the topic of community development

Discovering and promoting talent: Our expertise

One of our particular strengths is to identify and nurture talent within your organization and to shape and develop it into a world-class group called a "guild."

COP Agile and Team Coaching - Our Area of Expertise

If you are faced with the challenge of uniting a Community of Practice (COP) Agile or a group of coaches to form a team, we are just the people to talk to.

If you are interested in talking to us about your ideas, don't hesitate - we are here to help!

Your ideas are important to us!