Community Work

Community Work

Building a community of practice around our themes helps to win hearts and minds, as it lends authenticity to agile change and encourages the sharing of knowledge and experience

That is why we are committed to ensuring that these communities exist and that they keep the movement alive.

Our motto is: "From the community for the community". 

We have a lot of grounding and focus on the benefits and effects of agile methods and team dynamics issues.

We welcome everyone who wants to get an idea of what it's like. Curious beginners as well as old hands.

We are involved in these organisations:

Kanban User Group Switzerlandz

Kanban User Group Austria

Scrum User Group Bern (Scrum Alliance)

Scrum User Group Zurich (Scrum Alliance)

Kanban Community Days

Concrete offers on the topic of community development

Building guilds or communities

One of our superpowers is to scout in-house talent and form and develop it into a guild. If you have the challenge to form a COP Agile, or a group of coaches into a team, that's our thing.

If you are interested in one of these offers, we will be happy to answer your questions.