Hartmuth Gieldanowski

You have to want to discover agility.

I help people and their organizations develop customer-centric products and services. In this process, I help companies transform into places where people not only work efficiently, but can once again feel joy in the self-efficacy of an effective work environment.

I was infected with the agile virus in a project in the late 2000s, when I was able to work as a business owner in an eXtreme programming team. Oh my goodness, that was awesome! I knew immediately - this is exactly how it has to be done. But I didn't know why or how it was so good. Only about 5 years later, when I was again in a project that had already gone into the third extension, I gave my project manager the impulse: "let's make this agile"...
The rest is history.

Since then, I have been able to accompany business and product developments with Scrum, Kanban, Design Thinking and Lean Product Development as a product owner, trainer and coach in various companies and contexts.

My values which were sharpened from these experiences:

  • Focus on the customer and the "job to be done"
  • Create a work system with a closed feedback loop
  • Trust your fellow human beings that they will not only do the right thing but can also learn to do it the right way
  • Let yourself be surprised - don't hold on to your own reality distortions
  • Compound interest - many small learning steps lead to big changes
  • Doing is like wanting. Only more blatant.
  • Share your experience. Be a coach - and get coached.

Extract from activities in which I was allowed to learn a lot:

  • Technology migration project at a Swiss bank with eXtreme Programming
  • First mobile e-banking solution in Switzerland developed with Scrum
  • Innovative financial product developed on machine learning basis with a distributed team using Scrum
  • Introduction of design thinking and basics of agility at a Swiss government agency
  • Leading a Human Centered Design team at a telecommunications company with the goal of leading the transformation towards customer-centric and agile product development
  • National innovative e-commerce project validated for customer value (customer problem fit).
  • Implemented and trained Lean Innovation product development process for a large company. Coached over 50 projects in Lean Sprints.
  • Worked as a coach for 15+ Lean Product Delivery teams. Product-market and product-solution-fit phases. Developed digital products, physical products and touchpoints with agile development.
  • Coaching a C-level team in the application of agile for the Leadership Team.
  • Establishment of an agile learning landscape in a large company, incl. trainer function
  • Introduction of OKRs as a strategic Se in a large company

Trainings and Certificates:
CSM, A-CSM, CSP-SM, KSD, SAFe SP, SAFe PO/PM, SAFe SA, SAFe LPM, OKR Champion, Lean Change Management Explorer, Holacracy Practitioner, Co-Active Intermediate
Hartmuth holds a Master of Arts in Educational Media from the University of Duisburg Munich and a Master in Business Informatics from FHNW Olten.

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