Network and cooperation

In all agile methods, we talk about a cross-functional team. This applies not only to product development, but also to organisational and team development.

Anyone who wants to move their organisation or team forward today needs far more skills than can be found in a single coach.

We work in a network of experts in their field. Those who work with WERTWANDLER gain access to a community of exceptional experts and specialists and, quite simply, great people.

Welcome to the Agile Academy, Europe's leading agile learning platform!

We connect you with trained agile experts and offer you a variety of opportunities to deepen and expand your knowledge of Lean, Agile and Scrum. Here you will find a variety of certified trainings and online courses.

Realistic idealists.

For 15 years we have believed in a new world of work. Long before the hype came to Europe, it was clear to us: the usual way people work together undermines potential and results.

The question in which we have been accompanying people for over a decade: "How do value creation and valuing people come together?"


Create the missing links between strategy and operational agility!

The Staufen Inova Academy

Global competence development for operational and leadership excellence. For top managers, lean experts, specialists and executives. We make your employees fit.

Academy for Atlassian Jira & Confluence

In the generativ: Academy you get a training with reference and background to the daily use of digital tools. Our focus is on doing - which is why you will get the theory in practice in our courses and do a lot yourself directly.

Agile scaling with the leading Kanban platform

Our mission is to discover new management methods and share this knowledge with the world through impressively powerful tools that are also user-friendly.

Flexible, all-round practicable organisational design
for people and organisation in flux - lived corporate agility

We have been supporting companies in achieving organisation-wide agility for many years. Practicality is our top priority.