In times of high complexity, teams as well as working and project groups are the supporting pillars of successful organisations.

The decisive starting point is the cultivation of self-organisation in groups that are able to work. Those in team leadership, management or counselling who have the ability to analyse group processes and use their power productively have the best prerequisites for shaping and changing.

The investment in a team's working system should be accompanied by an investment in the team's social system. Agile methods only unfold their charm when the methods and the social structures are in harmony with each other.

At Wertwandler, we can contribute many methods to the Agile way of working. But what makes us special is that we can also support the teams in team building and the adaptation of the mindset in a very targeted way.

If you had a $25 million machine in your factory, you wouldn't hesitate for a moment to spend five per cent a year on maintenance. But companies argue for days about spending a few dollars to keep their $25 million sales teams functioning.

Rober Boylan, Results Now, Inc.

Concrete offers on the topic of team development

Training and coaching on role holders, leaders and talents

We specialise in helping people become successful in their roles within a team or organisation. We accompany Scrum Masters, Product Owners or Agile Coaches as well as leaders on their growth path.

We can guide Scrum Masters or Product Owners via coaching to the Scrum Alliance certificates.

For companies that work more in a flow logic, we offer Kanban University training.

For managers, we have exciting training offers on the topic of agile leadership.

If you are interested in one of these offers, we will be happy to answer your questions.