We offer workshops and trainings on various topics.

Start where you are now

Kanban Mantra

It is often not easy to get started in a new subject area. Where do we start? What is the right level of training? Who can teach us so that we can do something with it?

These and many other questions move many organisations looking for training opportunities.

Our workshops are always tailored to our clients and we try to address the specific requirements and wishes in these in-house trainings.

Our offers focus on one thing: theory is important, but practical application is the most important thing. All workshops are designed so that what is learned can be applied in practice the next day.

Our offers are accompanied by trainers and coaches with a lot of practical experience. The many interactions in our trainings ensure a high energy level and you will experience what agility really means.

We rely on small groups for training, especially online.

Are certificates important? Yes, definitely for your CV. Probably not as important for the organisation. We are not about certifying as many people as possible. We focus on practical, experience-based learning. Can we issue certificates? Yes, we can certify everything from Kanban University to Scrum Alliance.

Find the workshop that takes you further

Learn how other companies implement agility, flight levels, Scrum and Kanban - our trainers bring lots of practical examples into the training so that knowledge quickly becomes your own experience.

Agile Kickstart

A basic training that helps you to understand why Agile is so important in our time. A bit like a great buffet; a bit of everything and so much that you understand what Agile, Scrum, Kanban and "New Ways of Working" mean.

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Scrum Kickstart

Are you just starting to get to grips with Scrum and agility? Do you already have basic Scrum knowledge that you would like to refresh? In any case, our Scrum Foundations course is the right choice for you!

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Kanban in a Day

Kanban brings work into flow, focuses service orientation and leads to less waste - from the first idea to its holistic implementation. With this workshop you get the tools to start with your team and make the first experiences with working in flow.

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