Contact address

Wertwandler GmbH Rudolf Gysi

Hofmattstrasse 6

4900 Langenthal

Authorised representatives

Rudolf Gysi and Monika Imhof

Commercial register entry

Entry: Wertwandler GmbH

Commercial Register Office Bern

UID: CH-036-4088035-4

EHRA-ID: 1513578

VAT number

VAT no.: CHE-344.903.771 VAT

Bank details

Raiffeisenbank Aare-Langete, Mühleweg 11, 4900 Langenthal

Wertwandler GmbH
Hofmattstrasse 6
4900 Langenthal
CH37 8080 8003 4156 8788 9
IID (BC no.): 80808

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