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Do you want to create real change in your life and in your organization? Then our Agile Leadership Training is the key. In our approach, the Kanban mantra "Leadership on all Levels" is crucial. This underscores the fact that agility and effective leadership are not limited to certain levels of the hierarchy. Instead, leadership should be encouraged at all levels of the organization to create an agile environment where everyone can contribute to improvement and agility.

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Why is Agile Leadership so critical?

Agile leaders and organizations are more effective at achieving business goals in highly complex, uncertain, and fast-paced environments.

When introducing a new, more "agile" approach, leaders often encounter resistance within the existing system that protects the organization's culture and values. The new approach can lose out to the tried and true processes.

Regardless of whether leaders promote agility from the top down or teams seek more agility from the bottom up, conflicts with existing culture and systems occur when leaders are not actively involved in enabling and aligning.

People and culture are critical. Agility is a means to improve business results, not the goal itself.

Agile Leadership: Focus, Align and Accelerate Agility

Not only agile frameworks are important, but also the way leaders think and act agilely. The Agile Leadership Journey™ promotes agile mindsets and behaviors. Leaders model agile values and shape the culture and organizational structure for agility. Agile mindsets enable any agile framework to thrive and grow.

Engage leaders - or stand still. Improve business agility by training and coaching leaders to create an engaged workforce with ownership.

Developing Agile Leaders: Agile Leadership Compass

Agile organizations need agile leaders. The way leaders think and act influences the structure and operation of organizations.

Development of agile leaders

The Agile Leadership Journey develops leaders to enable, support and promote agility. This includes improved leadership competency and improved organizational effectiveness, health and performance.

Agile leaders enable agile organizations

We train and coach leaders to design organizational systems and cultures for improved health and performance.

Advantages of the Agile Leadership Journey

The Agile Leadership Journey (ALJ) is a global community of leadership guides that inspire and catalyze leaders to improve their organizations in highly complex, uncertain, and fast-paced environments.

  • Globally networked professional guide community: a culturally and linguistically diverse community of trainers and coaches who share a common teaching program.
  • Proven results in leadership development: a proven training and coaching program for over 10,000 leaders worldwide since 2011.
  • Deeply researched models with validated results: Over 30 years of research incorporated into leadership models, tools and techniques.
  • Open Guide Community for Organizations: Organizations can certify internal change agents to scale their guide-level training and coaching.

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