Markus Schmotz

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From physics to people

Contrary to the archetypal image of physicists with corduroy trousers and knitted sweaters, I love working with people. Physics has taught me to think in systems and people always form complex systems.

During my doctoral thesis 15 years ago, my sensei invited me to Japan. He taught me there that we can't always give back to the same person who helped us. In return to the next person, sometime later: Paying Forward, he called it.

In the years following my doctorate, I worked in a wide variety of leadership roles, including global ones, and immersed myself in agile working methods and lean management. Among other things, I managed the transformation of a network of over 30 production sites worldwide and saved a site with 130 employees from closure.

Now is the time: Paying Forward!

I see companies that get stuck in the agile transformation because production areas lack the necessary flexibility, and conversely companies that already produce highly efficiently but whose development is not fast enough to design new products.
And above all, I see managers who need support to work effectively and efficiently in an increasingly complex world.

This triangle between agile, lean and leadership is where the magic happens and this is where I sit with my unique and broad wealth of experience. I support managers, teams and entire organizations on their own, very specific development journey.

When I'm not working all the time, I volunteer as a board member of a tennis club, do a lot of sport, listen to heavy metal and read epic modern fantasy novels.

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