Rudolf Gysi

Rudolf Gysi

Agility is a form of culture, not a tool!

I am enthusiastic about accompanying people, teams and organisations on their way to a meaningful, value-creating and successful working world.

I started as a developer. I experienced how nice it is when a customer is happy about the new product. My first Scrum product.
After that, I continued to research how to build better products and worked for a long time as an IT quality manager on the topic of software quality.

As a milestone, I was able to experience what it feels like when a large organisation changes towards agility: I was there as a guide when the IT department of the Swiss Federal Railways switched to agile ways of working. After this milestone, I wanted to help other organisations to master the change towards more valuable work environments and products that inspire customers.

Since 2018 I have been working as a coach, trainer and facilitator in various consulting companies.

I have been a pioneer of the agile movement for many years. Here is an excerpt of my experience:

  • Flight level coach from start-up to traditional company or multinational corporation
  • Sparring partner and consultant for decision-makers in digital or agile transformations
  • Trainer and coach and mentor of managers in agile roles
  • Guest lecturer at the FHNW in the area of change processes
  • Talent scouting in the client company and development of internal agile communities
  • Accompaniment of hardware Scrum projects and innovation in product development
  • Establishment of Agile Communities in Switzerland with a total of more than 1000 members
  • Building an Agile Coaching Team in the context of a large company (Coaching, Training, Mentoring, Scrum, Kanban, Design Thinking, Lean Startup, Agile RE)
  • Accompanying teams at all levels in starting joint cooperation and introducing learning processes on the product/project as well as on cooperation in the process
  • Development of new thinking models and frameworks (Iteration Zero) that provide solutions to complex problems

Training and certificates:

Enterprise Coach of the Scrum Alliance, Certified Team Coach of the Scrum Alliance, Kanban Trainer of Kanban University, Kanban Enterprise Coach, Flight Level Coach, Scrum Certified Professional, Lego Serious Play Facilitator, CAS Team Dynamics under Change, Diploma of Advanced Studies FHNW Organisational Dynamics

Guest lecturer at the FHNW CAS Change Processes in Organisations

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