Monika Imhof

Accompanying groups and people is a matter close to my heart and runs like a thread through my professional career. It fills me with joy when teams become more successful through me. No matter if it is a planning, a workshop with the local council or a leadership seminar; there's no way, there's no way for me as a facilitator.

I don't come from a software development background. Nevertheless, agility is not a foreign word to me. On the contrary, I think it has a lot to do with my original profession (dressmaker). When you make a garment to measure, you need a pattern after the idea and then produce a prototype. You try this on your customer and decide together how the product will be further developed. In this way, the piece is completed incrementally with the customer. Tailor-made agility!
Over the years I have worked successfully in different industries. Be it in an SME, at vocational schools, at SBB Education, in healthcare or in HR. In doing so, I have learned a lot about myself and working in groups and found my passion. It is the moderation of meetings, workshops and seminars that makes my heart beat faster.

Education and certificates:
MAS in Adult and Professional Education, CAS Team Dynamics under Change, Kanban System Design®, Certified Scrum Master®, i.a. Certified Professional Facilitator

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