Jennifer Rojas-Menn

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Performing together - better and better...and better...

I inspire and support the development of an organizational design and the associated cultural change that companies need in order to perform at a high level.

­ŁŚ¬hat I offer

  • Consulting and coaching in the improvement of organizational design and (cultural) change at divisional, project and overall company level
  • Internal kickstarts on (business) agility and agile tools such as Kanban, Scrum, Flight Levels etc. for division managers, project managers and management

About me
I have 15 years of experience in coaching projects, teams and managers in start-ups, SMEs and large companies from various industries. Having lived and worked in Europe, Latin America and Asia myself, I am fascinated by the cultural diversity in this world and have therefore also studied cultural studies. I like people and the community. With my gentle and yet very direct and demanding manner, I can relate well to a wide variety of people and drive things forward.

­ŁŚ¬ow I work
I listen very well. I observe. I give input and together with my client we observe what happens. I hold up a mirror. I also put my finger where it hurts. We reflect together. We improve - and we do so continuously.
I don't give a quick motivational injection that wears off in a few days, but rather enable sustainable change in the company. My intention is to empower my client. After that, I increasingly withdraw and am available for an external impulse if required.

Trainings and certificates

Flight Level 2 Design Alumna®
Kanban Management Professional®
LeSS Practitioner®
Certified Scrum Master®
Agile People Leadership
CAS in Systemic Coaching
Reteaming® Coach
Solution Focused Approach (Ben Furman)
Theory U
Social Presencing Theater
System Scribing
MA in Cultural Studies